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The accused who shot Sidhu Moose Wala is High School failed and most wanted at the age of 18

Delhi: Police is continuously making arrests in the Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala murder case. On Monday, Ankit, a resident of Sirsa village of Sonipat, was arrested by the Special Cell of Delhi Police. In the information that has been received so far about Ankit, it has been found that he had failed in the tenth class and from the beginning he was not interested in studies. He is the youngest in the family. There are four sisters and one brother who are elder to Ankit. Ankit has not visited his house for the last 3 months.

According to the information received about Ankit, the age of Ankit is 18 years old and he started committing crimes at a young age. He had failed in the tenth class and after that when the lockdown was imposed, he used to work in the factory, but during that time he went to his aunt’s house. There he had carried out the incident of mobile theft and after that Ankit did not look back and continuously added gang after gang and went on to carry out the crimes.

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At the same time, Ankit has also broken ties with his family. He used to come home earlier, but for the last 3 months he has not come home and works in Ankit’s parents’ factory. There are four sisters and one brother older than Ankit. He is the youngest in the family. Although his parents and sister have not come in front of the media cameras, as the parents are in Delhi.

After the murder of Moose Wala, the team of Punjab Police and Special Cell of Delhi Police were continuously raiding in search of Ankit Sirsa. The same gangster Ankit Sirsa had also written Moose Wala with a cartridge after the murder. A photo of which is becoming very viral. You can see in this photo how the last is smiling and have written Moose Wala with a pistol and cartridges.

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