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Suez India Pvt Ltd organises event to encourage its Safai Mitras

Lucknow: Suez India Pvt Ltd, together with all the members of Zone 2 and with the courtesy of senior officers of the Municipal Corporation Water Resources Department, organised a program with the theme of “Zero fatal accidents” and “Never have to do manual scavenging” to encourage sanitation workers on Saturday near E-Block water, Rajajipuram. Manual scavenging can result in many serious health diseases, it can even lead to death. Therefore cleaning workers should always wear safety gear while going down a sewer. They should never pick up the mud by hand and never enter the manhole no matter what happens. The Safai Mitras present in the program also took an oath to never enter the sewer and work with safety equipment.

Project Director, Shri Rajesh Mathpal said, “Ever since Suez India Private Limited got a long-term project for proper maintenance and management of the capital’s sewage under One City One Operator, there has been a new approach to change the scenario of sewer cleaning. The organisation is working towards achieving the goal of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan with great enthusiasm. It is our responsibility to keep the city neat and clean. A clean city will ensure a healthy city. Every person has to inculcate the habit of cleanliness, keeping the environment around him clean. The cooperation of regional councillors and public participation is of utmost importance.”

“The company currently has 1095 employees on the field and 577 workers for sewer cleaning work. Manual scavengers are at great risk of contracting cholera, hepatitis, tuberculosis, typhoid and other similar diseases. In view of this, the company has made strict rules regarding the cleaning work of the sewers, which are being strictly adhered to by all the workers. Under the Prohibition of Employment of Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act 2013, the practice of manual scavenging has not only been prohibited but has been declared a punishable offence. That’s why we have to ensure that no sanitation worker should ever carry the dirt by hand.” he added.

“Sanitation workers cleaning the sewers have to work putting their lives at risk. Suez India Pvt Ltd is making every effort to ensure the safety of its Safai Karamcharis. The company also makes its employees take an oath that they will not enter the sewer without adequate security arrangements. Along with this, safety kits are also being provided to the employees for the work which includes uniform, safety helmet, shoes, eyewear, gloves and mask. Additionally, teams of sewer entry professionals are provided with additional safety gear like waterproof suits, oxygen masks, safety belts, gumboots, etc., to ensure that anyone entering the sewer in extreme conditions is thoroughly monitored.”

Among the employees present in the program, all the Safai Mitras and the supervisor of Charbagh ward, who fully followed the safety standards, were honored. Councilor of Kunwar Jyoti Prasad Ward of Zone 2, Shri Shivpal Savaria, Shri Rajiv Krishna Tripathi of Rajajipuram Ward, Shri Rajesh Malviya from Labour Colony Ward and senior officers of Jalkal Department were present in the program.

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