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Security tightened of Judge who ordered survey of Gyanvapi Mosque

Varanasi: The security of Civil Judge Ravi Diwakar, who ordered a survey of the Gyanvapi Masjid complex in Varanasi, UP, has been increased after receiving threats. The Varanasi Police has increased the security of District Judge AK Vishwesha along with the Civil Judge. According to the police, nine policemen will be deployed under the protection of Civil Judge Ravi Kumar Diwakar. At the same time, the responsibility of security of Varanasi District Judge will be on 10 policemen. Varanasi Police Commissioner A Satish Ganesh has ordered to increase the security of both the judges.

The Civil Judge of Varanasi, Ravi Kumar Diwakar has been threatened by an organization called Islamic Azad Movement. After this, the Varanasi district administration has decided to increase the security of the judges. By the way, Civil Judge Ravi Kumar Diwakar, while giving the verdict of Gyanvapi’s survey, had also said that his life was in danger. He had said that even in a simple case, an atmosphere of fear was created. This fear is so much that my family is worried about me and my family’s safety.

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Varanasi Police Commissioner A Satish Ganesh said, “On Tuesday, ACJM Ravi Kumar Diwakar received a letter from the registered post, in which some more papers are also attached. DCP Varun himself is investigating the matter. Further information in this regard will be given only after thorough investigation.”

The letter received by Varanasi Civil Judge Ravi Kumar Diwakar is handwritten. In this letter, there has been a clear threat using objectionable language. It has also been written that now we too have stood up and will not let our voices be suppressed. After receiving the letter, the civil judge sent letters of threat along with informing the Chief Home Secretary of UP in this regard through a letter. After this, there was a stir in the administrative and police department and the top officials started investigating the matter. However, it is not yet known from where this letter has been sent.

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