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Munde family unhappy in BJP! Pankaja and Pritam Munde to share stage with Sharad Pawar

Mumbai: Is the family of BJP veteran Gopinath Munde not happy in the Bhartiya Janta party? This speculation seems to be from an event in Maharashtra politics. Gopinath Munde’s two daughters Pankaja and Pritam Munde will share the stage with NCP chief Sharad Pawar at an eye clinic program on Thursday. Apart from the two sisters, no other BJP leader is reaching this program, so the news of their presence has intensified the speculations. Apart from Sharad Pawar, many ministers of Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi government will be in this event. Let us tell you that Pankaja and Pritam Munde have been feeling neglected in the BJP for a long time.

Many leaders including Aditya Thackeray, Dhananjay Munde will be involved

Punjab Munde has been given the responsibility of National Secretary by the BJP, while his sister Pritam Munde is an MP. On Thursday, Sharad Pawar is scheduled to inaugurate Raghunath Netralaya at an auditorium in Prabhadevi. It has been established by renowned eye doctor Dr. TP Lahane. Pankaja and Pritam Munde have also been invited to the same event. Aditya Thackeray, Dhananjay Munde are also going to attend this program. Please tell that Dhananjay also belongs to the Munde family. He is the cousin of Pankaja and Pritam Munde. Congress leader and Revenue Minister Balasaheb Thorat will also participate in it. Apart from this, Amit Deshmukh, Minister of Maharashtra Government will also be there.

A BJP leader, on the condition of anonymity, said, “Dr. The Lahanes come from the Vanjari community, an influential community in western Maharashtra and Marathwada. Munde also belongs to this community and this is the common link between them. In addition, Lahane hails from Latur district, which is in the neighborhood of Beed, from where Pankaja Munde and Pritam Munde belong. Apart from this, Lahane also had good relations with the father of both the sisters, Gopinath Munde. It is politically important for the Munde sisters to be in this program. Sharing the stage with leaders of other parties in Maharashtra is not a new thing in Maharashtra politics. Earlier, when NCP leader Chhagan Bhujbal was admitted in the hospital in 2016, the Munde sisters had come to see him.

Demonstrated strength for not being made a Union Minister

Let us tell you that Pankaja and Pritam Munde have been feeling neglected in the BJP for some time now. He is said to have differences with the Maharashtra BJP leadership. There was an expansion of the Union Cabinet last year, in which Pritam Munde was expected to get a ministerial post, which could not be fulfilled. After this did not happen, both of them showed strength in Mumbai. It was said that Rajya Sabha MP Bhagwat Karad was given the post of minister in place of Pritam Munde. Karad has also been a close leader of the Munde sisters’ father Gopinath Munde.

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