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MLAs will decide, says Eknath Shinde on offer to become CM

Maharashtra: The political drama continues in Maharashtra. as the suspense remains on the next move of Shiv Sena rebel Eknath Shinde. Eknath Shinde has said that whatever decision will be taken now, it will be a collective decision of all the MLAs. He also attacked Shiv Sena leader Sunil Prabhu and said that Prabhu had no right to issue a whip.

As per information 37 rebel MLAs of Shiv Sena have written a letter to the Deputy Speaker of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly. In this, he has announced that Eknath Shinde will be their leader in the House.

On being asked by media that what if Mahavikas Aghadi offers him to become CM or Deputy CM? In response to this question, Shinde said, ‘I cannot take any decision alone. We have come a long way. Now the MLAs present with us will take all the decisions together.’

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Shinde said on Sunil Prabhu’s letter that he has no right to suspend 37 MLAs. He said, ‘He cannot suspend. The letter given by Sunil Prabhu has no such right. No such petition can be filed. This is just something to scare. There are rules and regulations in democracy, there is no need to be afraid. Firstly, they do not have the right to issue a whip and have absolutely no right to disqualification.

According to Shinde, there is no longer a Maha Vikas Aghadi government in Maharashtra. He said, ‘Here 37 MLAs who got elected on the symbol of Shiv Sena are with us. We have the majority. All these have come of their own free will. All of them have given Affidavit. The government is in minority, just trying to boost itself morally by saying this. Entire country knows that the Maha Vikas Aghadi government is no more.

There is speculation that along with Eknath Shinde, all the rebel MLAs of Shiv Sena can form the government with the BJP. But Shinde rubbished these speculations.

On Uddhav’s decision to go to Matoshree from Varsha, Eknath Shinde said that this is his personal decision. He further said, ‘Balasaheb’s Hindutva was not to insult any other religion, but the Maha Aghadi government has done a lot of damage to Shiv Sena.’

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