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Gyanvapi Masjid: Shankaracharya of Kashipeeth Narendra Nand Saraswati attacks Owaisi, says the country will run by law

Varanasi: Kashipeeth Shankaracharya Swami Narendra Nand Saraswati has hit back on the statement given by Owaisi in the Gyanvapi case. He said that the symbol of the temple has been found in Gyanvapi. Membership of a person like Owaisi should be abolished and he should be admitted to the mental asylum. The country will run by the law, it will run by the constitution. The country is not going to run with unrestrained people like Owaisi.

On the Shivling found during the survey in Gyanvapi, Shankaracharya said that there was direct Nandi proof in the case of God. Those who used to spit filth for 400 years, the water of that place was removed, 12 feet eight inch Shivling has been found in it. The court has also sealed that site. Lord Rama also worshiped this Shivling. Ahilyabai Holkar, Devdas had worshipped. Lord Shiva has no beginning and end. It was a Shiva site for many years, but the decree of Aurangzeb before 500 years is still safe in Calcutta. Which was broken by Aurangzeb, but it was not completely broken.

In the case of Taj Mahal and Qutub Minar, Shankaracharya said that in the year 82, a magazine named Vande Mataram was published from Banaras, in which 28 thousand 972 temples have been mentioned about demolishing the mosque. There is a site in the Archaeological Department of Delhi which is called Qutub Minar. In it, it is clearly written in the board of archeology that this Qutub Minar has been built by demolishing the temple of 27 Hindus and Jains.

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